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Access Control

TTE can assist you to keep that door locked and your possessions safe and secure through Access Control systems. With the installation of an Access Control system comes a simple and efficient way to control who can go where and when. TTE have a team of registered concept technicians fully conversant in operation and programming ready to install your system.
Access Control systems can provide extensive control functions, hundreds of thousands of users, multiple card formats, lift controls and building automation.
TTE offer the following solutions in this field:

  • Access Control - card based (swipe or proximity) standalone system
  • Access Control - card based (swipe or proximity) PC based system
  • Access Control - digital keypad
  • Control of doors, turnstile, gates and barriers

The user is provided with a smart card, token or fob, programmed with specific privileges allowing the user passage through electronically secured doors.  

Cards can be used to control, restrict access and movement around a building, including gates, barriers, lifts and doors. Management and security staff can be given privileges to enable access to all parts of the building. Other personnel can be granted access to parts of the building required for their work.

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